A Special Thanks To Everyone!

Thank you everyone for supporting VVRN and helping it to get over 900 members on Facebook, which happened yesterday, on my birthday. There will be a lot of restructuring with the website and fb page in the upcoming months, but when its said and done, it will be a much better experience for all who visit both.

Please support VVRN by purchasing your everyday Amazon purchases through our store. Just click on the store image to the right. Over the next few weeks, new items will be placed within the store. We already have quite a few cookbooks catering to the vvr lifestyle.

Also Solavei is offering cellphone service for $49 a month with unlimited voice, data, and texting, and for every three people you get hooked on to Solavei, they pay you $20 back. With 9 people you get back $60 (which would basically cover the cost of your cellphone bill). For more details, click on the Solavei images to the right. And until October 4, 2013, there is a special, as part of their one year anniversary, for the first month of service, which would drop the price from $49 to $29. This is another way you can support us in our goal to have a new 24/7 streaming channel for vegan, vegetarian, and raw food recipes.

Other opportunities will appear on the right hand side of the page, and bi-weekly, I will also let you guys know of other deals going on. A kickstarter will also be in the works.

A gift to everyone: a mix I did just yesterday. For the tracklisting, click here

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