General Mills Starts Making Some Cheerios Without GMOs

Annie Gasparro
The Wall Street Journal
January 2, 2014

General Mills Inc. GIS -0.02% has started producing Cheerios free of genetically modified content, making the 73-year-old breakfast cereal one of the highest-profile brands to change in the face of growing complaints over such ingredients from activist groups and some consumers.

The change—which only affects original Cheerios, not other varieties like Honey Nut Cheerios—has been in the works since about a year ago, when General Mills began working to change manufacturing for Cheerios to eliminate ingredients containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

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Battle over GMOs percolating in U.S., with 93 percent of Americans in favor of labeling

January 5, 2014

A GMO labeling battle is rumbling in the United States, with those demanding full disclosure of genetically modified organisms in food products pitted against big companies.

Although some giants such as General Mills have recently taken timid steps toward being more upfront with consumers, the United States, unlike some 60 other countries, lacks a legal requirement to do so.

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It’s time to demand GMO labeling!

It’s getting close. We only have 15 days before people start sending in their votes for the GMO labeling initiative in Washington State. Now, the opposition has a $17.1 Million campaign of Lies. But we have the people, and the truth on our side.

It’s time to demand GMO labeling!

Please make a generous donation today:

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High Court bars GM eggplant’s release in Bangladesh

The commercial release of Bangladesh’s first GM crop has been blocked by the courts.

This is very good news and comes hard on the heels of the Court of Appeals in the Philippines ruling against field trials for GM eggplant there.

India has a moratorium on the release of GM eggplant.

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GMO and Pesticide Dangerous Effects

GMO lies and propaganda are looked at with GMO OMG director Jeremy Seifert and we look at the trailer for the the film looking at the connection between Monsanto Roundup pesticide and cancerous lumps in lab rats.


October is Non-GMO Month

The Non-GMO Project is now offering a daily giveaway of organic products during Non GMO Month, click here to see their daily giveaways.


March Against Monsanto: October 12


Aurora Organics


Eat More Blueberries and Protect Your Heart

Blueberries, along with the strawberries, present the most famous ingredient for making delicious muffins. Bakers love when blueberries create a perfect match for a perfect desert. Apart from their involvement in baking, blueberries are also highly delicious when they are consumed raw. A lot of people have their favorite summertime memories filled with searching blueberries in the woods.

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Reduce Arthritis and Inflammatory Pain