This WordPress site is dedicated to those who wish to start living a much healthier lifestyle.  This page will have recipes for those who wish to become a vegetarian, a vegan, or even a raw foodist.  You will also see links to interesting articles dealing with the vegetarian/vegan/raw foodist (VVR) lifestyle, and the survivalist lifestyle (off the grid articles).

This site is also a public advocate for organic food labeling, and awareness.  You will also see links to various heirloom seed companies if you wish to grow your own vegetables without the worries of having your food be genetically modified.

Our goal with this site is to eventually start a 24/7 streaming tv network featuring VVR recipes.  You can help us achieve this goal by buying things out of our Amazon store, and clicking on the links and purchasing from the sites linked to on the right side of everypage, and under our “Marketplace” menu item above.  For example, you can get phone service from Solavei for $49 a month, or if you get enough people under you, for entirely free, and get paid.

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